Top 3 Famous Scottish Golfers

Scotland is known for being the ‘birthplace of golf’. The sport was invented in St. Andrews, Scotland and has been going strong ever since, with the formation of many golf competitions, such as the British Open, PGA Championship and the U.S. Open, to name a few. Furthermore, Scotland is known for having the most golf courses per capita in the world – with over 550 scenic courses. Along with all these facts to do with golf, Scotland also has some very famous Scottish golfers to be proud of.

Here, we will explore a short list of Scottish professional golfers (males) that are worth knowing about:


Paul Lawrie is a Scottish pro golfer and he has had a long career spanning over 31 years. During his time, so far, he has attained many victories. Some of his main ones include: being 1 of only 8 players to have taken part in over 600 European Tour Events and representing Europe in the Ryder Cup in 1999 and 2012 and winning his games in both years. Paul Lawrie topped off his title as one of the best Scottish golfers at the time in 1999 when he triumphed in the 128th Open in Carnoustie.


Russell Knox, born in 1985 – Inverness, Scotland, is recognised as one of the top Scottish professional golfers, who turned pro in 2007. He has been thriving ever since. One of his best achievements was when he won the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions 2016 held in Shanghai (China). In 2017 he had an impressive 4 ‘top 10’ finishes. It comes as no surprise that he is on our list of famous Scottish golfers.


Colin Montgomerie, nicknamed ‘Monty’, is one of the most famous Scottish golfers of his generation. He turned professional in 1987 and since then has had a multitude of achievements. Montgomerie was constantly ranked among the greatest golfers in the world and he reached the status of being in the ‘Top 10’ in 1994. In addition, according to ESPN, he is no.27 on the ‘Champion’s Tour Money 2018’ leader board with $649,805. All these facts make him one of the best Scottish golfers.

There are many more Scottish pro golfers that are worth recognising, for example Old Tom Morris, who is regarded as the ‘father of golf’ even though golf had been played centuries before he began mastering the sport. In addition, Morris began an apprenticeship for Allan Robertson (another famous Scottish golfer of his time) for 12 years. Morris often played golf with him and, consequently, they became an unbeatable pair. Furthermore, Old Tom Morris was one of the first golf course designers and he designed and redesigned as many as 75 golf courses (including some of the most prestigious ones: Cruden Bay and Royal Dornoch, which are two of our top Scottish golf courses.)