What you should know about
"Links Golf"

When it comes to types golf courses, a common question is: what is a links golf course? Whether you want to know about the history of links golf, what the features of a links golf course are, or how it differs from regular style golf courses. Here, all you need to know about golf links courses will be covered.

When, where and how did links golf emerge?

For most golf fans and professional players, links golf is considered as delivering the game of golf in its most untainted form. This is because golf, as we know it, was born on a famous links golf course, in Scotland. The eminent St. Andrews Links is known as the foundation of golf, where the game was initiated more than 560 years ago.

What is a links golf course?

A links golf course refers to a specific golf course, that is on a strip of land between land and the coast – it is what links the two areas together. Golf links courses remained unused by anyone before the game emerged. The turf of a links golf course is firm (making it hard for the ball to come to a stop) and covered in sand. Links golf courses usually consist of ‘bent grass’ - a type of grass which is extremely durable. Links golf is known for being surrounded by nature, as it has a magnificent landscape amid the sea and agriculture.

Are golf links courses difficult to play on?

Golf links courses are considered to be the ultimate test of a golfer’s skillset. These types of courses are subject to strong sea winds and fairways which are often lined by evergreen shrubs. When there are harsh winds at the golf links, it can be a mission to keep the ball in the designated area. This is often the case if your tactic involves sending the ball flying high, with a considerable amount of spin. If you want your game at a golf links course to be successful, be sure to keep the ball low and with less spin so it isn’t affected by the winds.

What is the difference between links golf and regular golf?

The main difference between links golf and other types of golf courses, is that links golf courses are less interfered with and are more natural than parkland courses, which require a lot of maintenance. What you should know about links golf courses is that they don’t have many man-made features within them. They also have less obstacles (such as trees) and are much more open which can be viewed as good thing. This is because obstacles and enclosed spaces can be an annoyance for some players.